Cellular PVC Products...

Our cellular PVC based products are guaranteed to never rot, splinter or warp.  They do not need to be painted, but can be, and they hold a finish better and longer than wood based products.  PVC materials we use include TufBoard and all the other major PVC brands.

Interior Trim & Design Products
Interior Trim and Architectural Design Products- easily utilize our wide range of interior products. Unlike wood, our products are always true and square. Using products that are never twisted or warped means greater productivity for you and a better product for your clients. Trim, columns, mantles, whatever your needs, Shoreline makes it.


Window Surrounds
Exterior Window Surrounds and Door Surrounds, Ready-To-Install- simply place the precision built surround in place and fasten it. Installation time is reduced to minutes... maintenance is reduced to virtually zero.
Reduce Costs, Increase Value- our prefabricated, ready-to-install assemblies reduce time labor costs. Our cellular PVC construction products make your finished projects' virtually maintenance free.
Aluminum trim over wood does not guarantee that there won't be problems with the underlying wood, which is then "hidden".  Our PVC trim products are solid materials backed by a solid guarantee. And because we make custom shaping knives, we can provide virtually any moulding style desired. We can even duplicate antique mouldings of any age to retain any structure's original design look.


We make a wide range of Architectural Landscape Design Products...
Architectural Design Products, Exterior- add value to your projects with high quality finishing touches. Mailbox and sign posts, planter boxes, column surrounds and stands... if it was traditionally made with wood, we can make it with cellular PVC and it will not require painting or staining and will not rot, crack or warp. 


Shoreline Millwork manufactures all types of Cellular PVC standard and custom mouldings.  Our prefabricated window and door surrounds and other Cellular PVC trim subassemblies are made to fit your commercial or residential construction projects' dimensions.  We also have a complete line of standalone products for exterior landscape and design.

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