An "Insider" Message
For You From
Shoreline Millwork, Inc.


      I would like to introduce you to Shoreline Millwork & Distribution.  Our company’s  12,000 sq ft millwork shop specializes in PVC Products.  We use all the major brands, but we prefer to work with TufBoard for its superior quality and price savings.  Whatever your architect or builder specifies, we can provide.  We work with architects and designers as well as builders and providers.

Some background information about Shoreline Millwork:

  • our company has been in the exterior trim installation and design business for 25 years
  • average price range of our clients’ homes is $1,000,000+
  • in 2003 we moved our fabrication indoors to a controlled environment
  • in 2004 we started working with PVC boards for exterior trim
  • our shop strives to make every job 1st quality and stresses attention to detail in everything that leaves our facility

      We have likes and dislikes about the various PVC materials, having worked with all of them.  But we produce 1st quality products with all brands of Cellular PVC and are willing to work with all PVC brands based on customer needs and/or the Lumber Company’s request.

      Our company has worked with Certainteed in the development of “Restoration Millwork” in the early stages.  Shoreline Millwork was featured in “Custom Homes” magazine  in August, 2005 when we brought AZEK inside for our custom beams, radius work and also many architectural design and decorative applications.

      We manufactured the deck rails for the owner of AZEK, Inc.,  Jeff   Keisling's home.  For his requirements, we produced finished products that were sanded, primed and had 3 coats of finish. We have also worked with the staff of Kleer and Koma on various projects.

      Shoreline Millwork’s background in the building industry is extensive.  Our experience with all major PVC brands is also extensive.  And based on our experience, we recommend TufBoard not only for its higher quailty, but also for its price savings.  

      We are now preparing video that shows the fabrication and installation processes for PVC products.  The video will show the proper steps to take when working with PVC Products.  You and your customers will be able to see in detail how to work with PVC products on our web site. 

      We are currently working on a complete video training course for builders.  The course will show the proper (and easy) installation of PVC products in the building environment.

      We are taking this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you for several reasons:

  • We would like your company to consider Shoreline Millwork for all your millwork product needs regardless of brand.
  • Shoreline Millwork has recently established Shoreline Distribution to provide TufBoard based materials at significant savings to all resellers.
  • TufBoard’s “FreeFoam” product is one of the most consistent sheets we have brought into our shop.  This includes 4’x18¾” and  4’x20’  5/4” material.  TufBoard is one of the flattest and most consistent PVC products by far.  And it costs less, too.

      Having been in the building industry for over 25 years, we know that builders are looking for savings and TufBoard offers these savings on milled/finished products and on TufBoard board stock. 

      All of TufBoard’s specs are on the Shoreline Millwork website at:

      We appreciate the opportunity to take care of all your millwork and PVC board needs and would like to discuss pricing with you.  We can reduce your cost and increase your profit margins and you can pass these savings on to your customers.

      Contact us today and increase your profit margins and product quality.

      John DesMarais, National Sales
      Shoreline Millwork & Distribution, Inc.
      22 Canal Street
      Somersworth, NH  03878
      Phone: 603-692-4140 or 800-339-0672
      Fax: 603-841-3220